Andy Boenau is Speakeasy Media

Andy Boenau helps people tell stories for a 21st century audience. And that’s the end of talking about myself in the 3rd person.

I’ve had job titles over the years like civil engineer and urban planner, but those are more or less disguises. It’s true that I’m on a mission to make streets safe for people of all ages to walk or ride a bicycle. But when given a choice between designing street networks and persuading people that bike infrastructure is a good idea, I’ll take the persuasion every time.

It turns out I’m a storyteller. (Something we Gen Xers were told was not a suitable line of work.)

I use cameras and keyboards and create propagandart. Psychologists have understood for decades that facts don’t move people to action. Emotional connection moves people.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that good storytelling is hard work. Some people say it’s really hard work, but I have a severe case of adverb allergies.

On any given day, you’ll catch me working on a digital course, keynote presentation, podcast, or photo book. When I’m not making up true stories about the world around me, I’m teaching others how.

I’m using the blog to share tactics that I’ve seen work firsthand, and to show things I’m experimenting with in real time.

If you think we should be friends, connect with me on Twitter or Instagram. Who knows, maybe you and I should be creating art to change the world together.