Your business needs more business.

Psychologists have understood for decades that facts alone don’t move people to change behavior. Persuasion is vital to sell services and products.

I’m Andy Boenau, founder of Speakeasy Media. I use cameras, keyboards, and microphones to create stories that drive calls to action.

My services include specific projects and teaching. I can do the work for you, or teach you how to be a storyteller to increase your business.

Photography: marketing campaigns, corporate headshots, personal portfolios, and visual storytelling strategy.

Podcasting: audio and video production, voiceovers, interviews, facilitation, and market strategy.

Writing: blogging, audio and video podcast scripts, corporate film scripts, e-books, and training curriculum.

Let’s say you want to create happier, healthier communities. Walk-friendly, bicycle-friendly places draw out the most smiles per square mile. Then my goal is to help you to be a storyteller who increases the smile density in communities like yours and mine. 

Whatever industry you work in, stories will make or break business. You might be:

  • a business owner needing to increase brand awareness
  • a writer or blogger wanting to sharpen photography skills
  • a realtor looking to attract new property tenants
  • a photographer wanting to develop writing skills
  • a model looking for ways to strengthen your portfolio
  • a brand ambassador trying to improve promotions

I’ve won awards for photography, filmmaking, writing, and podcasting. The recognition each time has been for the storytelling aspects of my work.

You and I don’t need fancy degrees or special permission to create motivating stories. We do need clear ideas about each project’s purpose and desired outcomes. 

I work with freelancers, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.

Let’s talk about your objectives. Use the form below to set up a consultation.